Recommended Articles & Videos for Understanding Our Times

2020 has been one crazy year, and we’re only halfway through. I for one am not surprised considering it’s a major election year and the radical left has already made clear it will do just about anything to make sure President Trump is not re-elected. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not suggesting that everything is a conspiracy theory, nor am I implying that I’ve been nothing but pleased with Trump’s presidency — I have my qualms. I’m simply saying that certain groups and individuals have seen fit to utilize and intensify certain events for their own political agenda. But this is nothing new. I believe what we’re experiencing in our nation is much deeper and broader than the left’s disdain for President Trump. There’s other sin issues at play, some of which is spreading like cancer through the visible Church. Don’t be fooled; statues are not all they hope to topple. I want to provide links to some articles and videos I’ve found helpful in navigating these troubled waters, but plenty of others are pumping out good material.

We’re in a Cultural Civil War: It’s Time for Conservatives to Fight Back (by John Davidson at The Federalist)
“In some sense this is entirely psychological. A relatively small group of radical left-wing activists is using classic cult psychology to wage psychological war against the rest of us. They are the vanguard of what can only be described as a religious movement in America.”

A Lament: How TGC Is Destroying Justice and the Church (YouTube video by Jon Harris of Conversations That Matter)

The Great Cat Poo Medallion (by Douglas Wilson)
“The purveyors of soft despotism want to arrange things so  that we conform fully to their agenda, or consign ourselves to their idea of the outer darkness, which turns out to be the same kind of place as Stalin’s.”

Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and What Justice Gorsuch Hath Wrought (Podcast episode by John Stonestreet and Shane Morris at BreakPoint)

Here Comes the Borgeois Bolsheviks (by Matt Purple at The American Conservative)
“It’s worth repeating that this isn’t a working class production. It’s driven by a new generation of bratty Bolsheviks, those spoiled enough to think they can set a single standard and then tear down the world for not living up to it. In lashing out at the society that coddled them, they swing first at themselves. “

In order to understand the ideological and historical roots behind the leftist riots and their ominous agenda, I cannot recommend enough the book, The Great Debate: Edmund Burke, Thomas Pain, and the Birth of Right and Left, by Yuval Levin.