We Need a Political Reformation: A Return to Nature & Nature’s God

In the July/August 2020 edition of The American Conservative, Matthew J. Peterson writes an article entitled, “America Needs a Re-Founding”. I resonate with most of it. Peterson calls out the failure of past (and contemporary) conservative attempts at fighting the culture wars. These failures have resulted in “Conservative, Inc.”, what he calls “quasi-official conservative institutions”….

C.O.N.S.E.R.V.E.: A Conservative Political Philosophy

“Conservatives respect the wisdom of their ancestors…; they are dubious of wholesale alteration.” Russell Kirk in The Conservative Mind The conservatism I am here representing and promoting is what is sometimes called traditional or classical conservatism in contrast to today’s neo-conservatism. The former is especially rooted in Edmund Burke (1729-1797), but has been resolutely borne…